Pig farm restrictions slash pork production in southern China
GlobalMeatNews, Thursday 16 July 2015

Restrictions on pig farming mean one of China’s leading regions is facing a crunch in pork supply that could significantly push prices, researchers have warned.


New case of AI H7N7 in England
WorldPoultry, Monday 13 July 2015

A new case of high-pathogen H7N7 avian influenza has been found on a poultry farm in Preston in the northwest of England, the first of such discoveries since the Spring. The Animal and Plant Health Agency APHA has confirmed that the strain is H7N7. Culling of all 120,000 colony birds and 50,000 free range chicken began over the weekend but was still under way on Monday morning.


China demanding up to 25% more pork
PigProgress, Friday 10 July 2015

China’s demand for imported pork will be about 1 million tonnes, according to the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). That, in total, is a 23.5% increase when compared to last year.


ASF in the EU in June: 89 new cases
PigProgress, Wednesday 8 July 2015

After a 1.5 year presence in the EU, African Swine Fever (ASF) has made a firm entrance into the Baltic wild boar population and is likely to stay for a while. In June 2015 alone, the 4 affected countries jointly reported 89 new occurrences of the disease.


New method may eliminate antibiotic use in livestock
AllAboutFeed, Wednesday 1 July 2015

A University of Wisconsin-Madison animal scientist has developed an antibiotic-free method to protect animals raised for food against common infections. Professor Mark Cook's work focuses on a fundamental immune “off-switch” called Interleukin 10 or IL-10, manipulated by bacteria and many other pathogens to defeat the immune system during infection.


ASF-resistant pigs bred in UK
PigProgress, Monday 29 June 2015

The University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute is breeding pigs with a warthog gene to resist African swine fever (ASF). The newborn piglets, which are designed to be resistant to the disease African swine fever, could be among the first commercially viable GM animals to have been created in Britain, reports the Guardian.


India’s feed industry to double in size in 5 years
AllAboutFeed, Wednesday 24 June 2015

India's animal feed industry is expected to double in size, to $30 billion in 5 years, with poultry, cattle and aqua feed sectors as major growth drivers, reports The Financial Express.


Chinese police arrest more meat smugglers in grey-trade crackdown
BeefCentral, Wednesday 24 June 2015

Chinese authorities have again clamped down on smugglers involved in the ‘grey-trade’ importation of foodstuffs, including beef, aimed at avoiding import tariffs and providing access for countries of origin other than those approved by the Chinese Government. Smuggling cases representing a total of 122,000 tonnes of beef had been investigated by Chinese authorities so far this year.


Novel H5N9 virus described as hybrid of H5N1, H7N9
CIDRAP FLU SCAN, Monday 22 June 2015

Chinese researchers who analyzed influenza viruses from poultry in live-bird markets say they have discovered a novel H5N9 virus that represents a hybrid of the highly pathogenic H5N1 avian flu virus and a human H7N9 virus, along with other elements.


The classification of antimicrobials – a clash of views
PigProgress, Monday 22 June 2015

Over recent years there has been a divergence in views between the World Health Organisation (WHO) and thankfully, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) over the classification of antimicrobials and their use in human and veterinary medicine.


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