Mongolia: Livestock and Agricultural Marketing Project (LAMP)

The project development objective of the ILBLSP is to improve rural livelihoods and food security in selected soums through enhanced productivity, market access and diversification in livestock-based production systems. To achieve this objective, the project will be implemented under the following three components: (i) Linking Farmers to Market; (ii) Improving Livestock Productivity; and (iii) Project Management, Technical Assistance and Donor Coordination. The first two components are referred to as the investment components while the third one is identified as the technical assistance component, which will be provided by FAO. The project will be implemented for a period of four years by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Light Industry (MoFALI) and five aimag governments of (i) Arkhangai; (ii) Bayankhongor; (iii) Govi-Altai; (iv) Khovsgul; and (v) Zavkhan and the target around 15 soum governments.

Lead Technical Officer: Dr. Joachim Otte

Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand: Enhancing Milk Consumption and Livelihoods through School Milk Programmes Linked to Smallholder Dairy Operations

Asia leads the way in terms of underweight child malnutrition which is associated with about half of all child deaths worldwide. While the highest level of underweight prevalence are found in South Asia, where almost half (46%) of all children under five are underweight, three countries drive these high levels - India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. While progress in addressing deficiencies in nutrient intake is supported by the provision of basic services and initiatives that inform and empower communities and families (particularly women), the implementation of school milk programmes in most countries have demonstrated benefits in improving the nutritional intake of children as well as providing a much needed outlet for subsistence farmers who have dairy cows. Assistance under this TCP will provide guidance and technical support for linking the development of piloted school milk programmes (currently often supported through the use of imported milk powders) with smallholder dairy development and income enhancing opportunities for value-addition through the development of small and medium scale enterprises

Lead Technical Officer: Dr.Vinod Ahuja

Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines: Environmental Animal Health Management Initiative (EAHMI)

Environmental conditions have profound influences on animal productivity and production, and the distribution of many endemic animal diseases, especially those transmitted by biological vectors. As recent events around the world have demonstrated, livestock and poultry may also harbour various pathogens that can infect people. Conversely, animal production has many potentially adverse impacts on the environment, including greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution. Better understanding and wider appreciation of the diverse interactions between livestock and the environment is, therefore, essential for effective disease control and sustainable development. The project will contribute to sustainable agricultural development and rural development by promoting an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to animal health management for enhanced and environmentally sound and responsible forms of animal production, including: integrated animal disease management; improved animal husbandry and farm management practices; and balanced use of natural resources, aimed at reducing disease transmission risks from animal to animal, and animal to human.

Lead Technical Officer: Dr.Carolyn Benigno


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