Emerging Infectious Diseases
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91 Canada: PED virus found at a farm in Quebec 589
92 MERS-CoV was in Saudi camels 22 years ago 895
93 Canada: Did feed contribute to PEDv outbreak? 470
94 PED moves west across Canada into Manitoba 451
95 New, non-PED Coronavirus detected in pigs with diarrhea 478
96 New coronavirus found in UAE camels 858
97 US: New strain of PEDv found 494
98 MERS-CoV-like virus was in camels in 2003 522
99 Nearly identical MERS-CoV strains found in camels, humans 967
100 Jordanian, Saudi camels have MERS-CoV-like antibodies 487
101 New Middle Eastern virus found in camels 472
102 Study finds virus antibodies common in African fruit bat 487
103 WHO confirms Kuwait's MERS cases; Spain cites new case 468
104 Kuwait announces its first two MERS cases 482
105 MERS-CoV found in Saudi patient's camel 666
106 Spain reports MERS-CoV in returning Hajj traveler 522
107 Close relative of SARS virus found in Chinese bats 926
108 MERS case reported in Oman; French case ruled out 667
109 France cites likely MERS case; WHO notes Qatar case 533
110 Scientists trace PED virus to China's Anhui Province 930
111 Peruvian bats found to harbor novel influenza virus 575
112 MERS-CoV puzzles persist a year after virus surfaced 494
113 Study suggests multiple MERS-CoV introductions 600
114 Risk of MERS persists in Europe, ECDC says 541
115 US: New test to detect PED virus antibodies 750
116 Eight new Saudi cases push global MERS total to 130 493
117 Study reveals more signs of MERS-CoV in camels 935
118 Mammals harbour 'at least 320,000 new viruses' 534
119 Questions raised about MERS-CoV bat report 725
120 Novel coronaviruses found in Mexican, Brazilian bats 946
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