Emerging Infectious Diseases
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61 EU Commission aims to find answers on PED virus for EU pig sector 605
62 Russia imposes restrictions on live pig imports 372
63 PEDv may return to US pig farms after summer 358
64 As MERS cases keep coming, Saudis to test camels 344
65 MERS reaches Iran; cases slowing in Saudi Arabia 391
66 Findings released on PEDv in Mexico 439
67 MERS reaches Netherlands; 2 Florida patients cleared 441
68 PED virus: industry and academics investigate feed transmission route 393
69 WHO offers more data on hospital role in MERS surge 356
70 Details on Malaysian MERS case 462
71 Researchers find MERS antibodies in Kenyan camels 416
72 PEDv: France banning imports of pigs and byproducts 437
73 Saudis report 36 MERS cases in 3 days; UAE adds 4 376
74 Saudis report 10 more MERS cases; Jordan adds one 373
75 Piglet epidemic increases pressure on Taiwan to import more pork 405
76 21 MERS cases cited in Mideast; ECDC expects more in Europe 407
77 Oman camel MERS study supports respiratory spread to humans 410
78 USDA requires reporting of PED virus 364
79 WHO office sounds alarm as MERS cases push higher 389
80 Does feed play a role in PEDv infection? 401
81 MERS outbreaks grow; Malaysian case had camel link 779
82 MERS cases reach Far East; Saudi Arabia reports 6 more 335
83 PED virus disrupting pork markets in Japan 376
84 WHO sees camels as MERS source, but route uncertain 393
85 North American hog shortfall expected following PEDv, says Rabobank 390
86 Case report shows evidence of camel-to-human MERS 328
87 Canada detects new pig coronavirus 388
88 PED virus confirmed in 27th US state: Arizona 463
89 PEDV - A disaster waiting to happen in the EU 369
90 Media report says Egypt has its first MERS case 390
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