Avain Influenzas (H5N1, H7N9, etc)
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241 Nepal reports that 350,000 poultry died in recent H5N1 outbreaks 796
242 H7N9 studies flesh out infectivity patterns in humans, pigs 939
243 Nepalese poultry industry suffering huge losses 943
244 Think tank sees big risks in flu gain-of-function research 865
245 South Korean researchers find H3N2v in pigs 1304
246 H9N2 viruses in Bangladesh show mammalian mutations 809
247 H7N9 analysis finds another H7 virus threat 822
248 H5N1 claims tenth life in Cambodia 838
249 Controversy surrounds man-made bird flu plans 829
250 Study finds overlap of H7N9 and H5N1 hot spots 858
251 Subclinical avian influenza A(H5N1) virus infection in human, Vietnam 1272
252 Blood samples hint at silent H7N9 in poultry workers 699
253 Chinese woman hospitalized with suspected H7N9 infection 1003
254 Study says H7N9 may have lurked in live-poultry markets 741
255 Study reports person-to-person spread of H7N9 in family 881
256 First H5N3 detection in Taiwan poultry 919
257 Bird flu halts chicken sales in Nepal 953
258 H7N9 study in human airway tissues adds to pandemic concerns 1332
259 Chinese woman critical with H7N9 infection 773
260 H7N9 highly transmissible by airborne route 805
261 Study outlines H7N9 antiviral resistance, testing problems 1429
262 H7N9 Influenza: History of similar viruses gives cause for concern 767
263 Novel H10N9 avian influenza virus isolated from chickens in a live poultry market in eastern China 1021
264 New H7N9 studies yield pathogenicity clues 794
265 Shanghai's new live poultry regulations aim to prevent H7N9 outbreaks 892
266 Poultry contact and chronic illness cited as H7N9 risk factors 976
267 H5N1 prevalence may surpass 10% in Egyptian backyard, market poultry? 802
268 Taiwan reports first human H6N1 infection 803
269 New details about H7N9 influenza infections that suddenly appeared in China 840
270 China offers subsidies to stricken poultry industry 860
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