Avain Influenzas (H5N1, H7N9, etc)
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181 South Korea notes high-path test results for outbreak H5N8 strain 704
182 China launches national monitoring campaign to fight bird flu 663
183 10 percent avian flu rate in Egyptian birds, H5N1-H9N2 co-infections 1149
184 Three more H7N9 cases; poultry tests yield fresh clues 1035
185 Two new H7N9 cases as experts suggest H9N2 control 1100
186 China reports 5 more H7N9 cases; researchers cite mutation 678
187 New H7N9 cases in China include first in Jilin province 1031
188 Novel avian influenza A(H7N9) virus in tree sparrow 808
189 H5N1 strikes Chinese farm 685
190 Vietnamese bird flu outbreak spreads to eight provinces 694
191 Avian H7N9 strains replicate better in pigs than do human strains 1095
192 Study on flu evolution may change textbooks, history books 1017
193 H7N9 cases pause; new report details reassortants 1082
194 Malaysia reports first H7N9 case outside China 860
195 H7N9 illness total grows by 13, with 2 more deaths 770
196 Chinese poultry farmers angered by bird flu coverage 700
197 H7N9 cases grow by 7, along with China poultry industry outcry 650
198 No H7N9 letup as Guangxi detections prompt warning 734
199 H10N8 virus in first human case is novel strain 1109
200 Ten new H7N9 cases push outbreak total past 300 1074
201 China reports 14 more H7N9 cases, 3 fatal 701
202 Second H7N9 wave tops spring wave; questions raised about China's poultry surveillance 779
203 Hong Kong culls 20,000 chickens amid bird flu fears 713
204 Current H7N9 wave rivals last spring's case total 775
205 Study shows songbirds might aid in H7N9 spread 712
206 Pace of H7N9 cases in China continues unabated 734
207 H5N8 outbreak spreads on South Korea duck farms 743
208 H5N1 avian flu found in South Korean ducks after 2-plus-year lull 657
209 New cases put H7N9 pace near last year's peak 649
210 Four more Chinese H7N9 cases reported 725
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