Antimicrobial Resistance
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31 Profs shocked to find herbicides cause antibiotic-resistant bacteria 640
32 Global antimicrobial use forecast to rise more than 60% 548
33 McDonald's to source chicken raised without antibiotics 535
34 Proposed US bill could curb antibiotic use in US poultry 543
35 European report notes high resistance in Salmonella, Campylobacter 637
36 Hopeful results in antibiotics reduction 584
37 Antibiotic resistance genes travel downwind 616
38 Draft order issued on use of antibiotics in meat, poultry products 589
39 Questions raised over US antibiotic investment 536
40 European report notes link between antibiotic use and resistance 644
41 Antibiotics: US discovery labelled 'game-changer' for medicine 563
42 A global shift to antibiotic free production 635
43 Antibiotic surveys and their significance? 678
44 US groups form task force on antibiotic resistance 790
45 European consortium forms to tackle antimicrobial use and development 691
46 Salmonella-infected mice given antibiotics became superspreaders 778
47 Alliance fights loophole in European antibiotic use 712
48 Programmable antibiotic harnesses an enzyme to attack drug-resistant microbes 775
49 Conference calls for responsible use of livestock antibiotics 897
50 White House launches major effort against resistant bacteria 750
51 FDA releases its report on antimicrobial resistance 13013
52 Study claims antibiotic fed poultry is harming consumers 736
53 UK's first case of MRSA in pigs 570
54 Norway acts against MRSA infection on pig farm 549
55 FDA to hold meeting on antibiotic use in food animals 564
56 Scientists show bacteria can evolve biological timer to survive antibiotics 502
57 Health and ag ministers issue joint antibiotic resistance statement 472
58 Sweden pushes for unity on EU antibiotics reforms 488
59 France wants to lower antibiotic use in livestock 583
60 Lysozyme as an alternative to antibiotics in swine 497
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Antimicrobial Markets

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AMR and Evolution

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