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61 Food prices stable - but meat prices at record high 755
62 Creating a 'green' feed for pigs 613
63 Project leading to a 'paradigm shift' in insect based feed production 628
64 Russia about to import pork from China 579
65 Charoen Pokpand Group to boost its investments in Russian division 522
66 US review finds no safety or nutritional variance in GM and conventional feed 629
67 Larger companies focusing on China's livestock sector 484
68 Chinese Govt commits to $3b spend on Australian ag assets 516
69 First Chinese investment in Australia's northern beef assets 563
70 Feed sector set to gain from EU project using 'smarter' method of growing seaweed 606
71 Indonesian feed giant's new pig operation in Vietnam 588
72 Global state of mycotoxins 591
73 Insect meals could replace up to 100% of conventional protein source in animal feeds, say researchers 727
74 Indian meat industry worries about "war on meat', says Euromonitor 587
75 The world's second most efficient beef production system 513
76 'Bacteria beats insects and algae hands down' - new feed protein source from factory wastewater 573
77 Rabobank weighs up prospects for pork markets in China, Mexico and the US 634
78 No end in sight for China's cattle shortage 517
79 Global Pork Market: Consumption Trends 551
80 Asian genes help modern pig breeds 514
81 Insects and algae top the line-up in future feed ingredients for pigs 570
82 India's beef exports flourish 501
83 China leads world beef market's return to better days 530
84 CEO of Thai feed giant reveals future expansion plans 560
85 Gene study shows how sheep first separated from goats 490
86 Chinese pig farmers switch from pigs to lamb and cattle 483
87 Meat prices must rise before cultured meat is viable, say researchers 482
88 Mycotoxin threat not going away any time soon 494
89 CPF acquires animal feed business in China 472
90 Cargill expands feed capacity in Vietnam but agri-giant not yet convinced about dairy sector viability 513
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