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31 UK FSA launches new plan to tackle campylobacter 571
32 Room for improvement in NZ dairy safety systems, says regulator 570
33 China halts import of NZ baby powder following botulinum contamination 569
34 Pasteurisation rival given green light for Indian milk 556
35 EFSA publishes meat inspection analysis 529
36 Novel technology targets foodborne pathogen detection 527
37 First genomes sequenced in foodborne pathogen database project 537
38 Agro-terrorism: One of the greatest terrorist threats we face 487
39 Horsemeat: former Freeza director points finger at Europe 707
40 China builds blacklist following meat frauds 631
41 China: Meat from diseased pigs sold, farmers detained 627
42 900 arrested in latest Chinese meat sting 713
43 Dangerous bacteria found in US ground turkey 607
44 Thailand's Broiler Meat Industry Under Pressure 694
45 Horsemeat: EU test results published 655
46 European cases of Campylobacter and E Coli on the rise 593
47 Horsemeat: what are the long term impacts? 878
48 Horsemeat found in domestic Russian product 774
49 Horsemeat scandal extends across Baltics 858
50 What caused the European horsemeat crisis? 871
51 Two dead in Vietnam S. suis outbreak 844
52 Study: Risk of Salmonella in fish fed chicken offal 2117
53 Dicyandiamide (DCD): Fonterra must learn once is unfortunate, twice is unforgivable 1020
54 Duck replaces mutton in latest food-swap scandal 889
55 Human factors main reasons for foodborne illness in China, says review 811
56 Organic chicken in Denmark far more often contaminated with Campylobacter 958
57 Campylobacter is smarter than we thought: scientists 917
58 CDC: Produce leads list of food vehicles for illness 860
59 BBC report highlights rise in campylobacter incidences 1005
60 Listeria-killing Phage Product Gets FSANZ Approval 798
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Horsemeat Scandal

Role of preventing AMR


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