Asia-Pacific Region: Enhancing Regional Coordination of FMD Control

The recent large scale epizootics of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in previously infection-free Japan and Republic of Korea, together with the ongoing endemic status of the disease throughout most of Asia, and the significant threat the disease poses to food security and livelihoods of the large farming community in the region necessitate a concerted regional approach to controlling FMD. FAO (TCP/RAS/3401), in collaboration with the OIE and the Governments of India and Thailand, is organizing regional and global scientific conferences, in India in February 2012 and in June 2012 in Bangkok respectively, with the following specific objectives: (i) update the regional scientific community, the technical experts and policy makers on the advances made on the development of new technologies and tools to improve FMD control in the region and globally; (ii) discuss and share experiences and lessons learnt on FMD control and eradication in various regions of the world; (iii) train country participants in the self-assessment FAO/OIE tool of the FMD progressive control pathway; (iv) develop a strategic regional and sub-regional framework for progressive control and eradication of FMD in the region; and (v) mobilize resources during the ministerial and donor pledging session to be included in FMD global conference in Bangkok.

Lead Technical Officer: Dr. Carolyn Benigno


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