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AVA media release, Monday 23 April 2012

Australia's peak veterinary organisation, the Australian Veterinary Association, is calling for more measures to combat antimicrobial resistance, a rising concern for both human and animal health. Antimicrobial Resistance, the theme of World Veterinary Day on 28 April, highlights global concerns over the use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals and the important role veterinarians play in appropriate use of antibiotics to treat animal diseases.

AVA President, Dr Barry Smyth said that problems with resistant superbugs are a concern in Australia. Rigorous infection control practices and judicious selection and use of antibiotics works to reduce the selection and spread of resistant bugs. "Hygienic food preparation and proper cooking of animal products will usually remove the risk of transfer of bacterial resistance from food animals to people. Australia has one of the most stringent systems for registering antimicrobials for use in animals in the world. Antibiotics important in human medicine are not registered for use in animals and the National Residue Survey monitors food products to ensure that residues are not present in foods and to detect incorrect use of all chemicals in food animals. Another way that antibiotic use in animals could lead to antibiotic resistant infections in humans is through contact with treated animals."



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